SolMateS’s product portfolio currently counts two single wafer processing systems, both using the same PLD technology on a similar platform.

The PiezoFlare 800 equipment is designed for development customers, allowing the deposition of a broad range of materials, with production stability and quality. This equipment is manually operated and is designed to process any wafer/substrate size below 200 mm diameter.

Major applications that can be processed within the PiezoFlare series equipment:

The PiezoFlare 1200 has been designed to support seamless transfer of the developed processes to pilot or volume production. This PLD equipment is a fully automated, semi-compliant, single wafer deposition system for 100, 150 and 200 mm wafers.

On request, the PiezoFlare 800 platform can be upgraded with automated wafer handling and corresponding software to meet similar performance as the PiezoFlare 1200.


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