SolMateS is a young, dynamic high technology company operating in a challenging international environment. We are always interested in professional, talented and ambitious team players who can strengthen our organization.

If you share our ambition to be innovative, entrepreneurial and successful, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills and fulfill your goals within SolMateS.

Below you will find our open positions.

  • Mechanical Engineer, with experience in Pro/E or Creo parametric
    Someone who will graduate in the near future or who has just finished the HTS.
    This is a part-time job for 8 to 16 per week to start with.
  • Mechanical engineer (part-time)
    BSc. Degree in mechanical engineering or a few years of experience in working on the mechanical design of vacuum deposition equipment for the semiconductor industry. Work together with our lead engineer(s) on the development of our platform and new projects.

For more information regarding the open positions, you can contact Solmates by phone or through our contact form

If there isn’t a suitable position or we are not hiring at the moment, please feel free to send us an open application.




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