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Management, board and investors



Arjen Janssens, CEO

Arjen Janssens is responsible for the overall leadership and strategy of the company. He started his career as strategic consultant at Arthur D. Little, after one year he became shareholder and consultant of Quintel Management Consultancy (spin-out of Arthur D. Little). In 2004 he enrolled into his PhD. at the University of Twente focussing on Piezo materials and pulsed laser deposition. During his PhD. he assisted MESA+ in business development, completed the Executive MBA at TSM business school of technology, and co-founded Solmates.

Matthijn Dekkers, CTO

Matthijn Dekkers is responsible for the research and development of thin film applications. Matthijn finished his PhD. in 2007 on transparent oxides deposited with Pulsed Laser Deposition He is the first author of many papers in which pulsed laser deposition plays an important role. As a co-founder of Solmates he is active in the company since 2006.Furthermore he is involved in the research on the integration of piezoelectric thin films into silicon technology.

Kristiaan Böhm, COO

Kristiaan Böhm is responsible for the development, production and service of the PLD deposition systems.
Before he joined Solmates he worked for ASM Europe in various positions within the service department.
At ASM Europe he was responsible for the installation and qualification of ASM Europe systems worldwide. In these positions he has worked (on-site) with most major Semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Kristiaan holds an MSc. in applied physics.





Job Elders, Chairman

Job Elders is managing partner at Greenfield Capital Partners. Job is a serial entrepreneur focusing on technology companies, industrial and B2B companies in growth stage. Dr. Elders serves as chairman of the board of Solmates B.V. (NL) and Micronit B.V. (NL) and as advisor of Zenzium Inc. (MA, USA), 747 Stuyvesant fund IV and 747 Capital Hudson funds (NY, USA). In addition, Dr. Elders is founder and board member of the Kipaji scholarship fund of the University of Twente, board member of Eric Bleumink foundation of the University of Groningen and board member of the Greenfield foundation.

Previously, he has founded and/or developed five technology companies and was executive director of Enschede Innovation Fund. Job invested in Xsens Holding B.V. and served as director until its acquisition by Fairchild Semiconductor Limited (NASDAQ, FCS) in 2014. With Greenfield Capital Partners as investor, Dr. Elders was founder and CEO of C2V until its acquisition (Thermo Fisher Scientific, NYSE, TMO) in 2009. He was founder of TMP in the mid nineties and served as TMP’s Managing Director until its acquisition by Kymata Ltd and served as Vice President and General Manager of Alcatel Optronics Netherlands after Alcatel’s (NYSE, ALU) acquisition of the operations in 2001.

Dr. Elders was founder and board member of the MANCEF foundation as well as founder of the Point One foundation and member of its board until 2010. He has chaired the board of Encapson B.V. untill 2016. He is the author of more than 80 technical and business publications as well as patents and has chaired and spoken at several investor events and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) events. He received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam.

Paul van Attekum

Corporate Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Marketing, ASML

Paul van Attekum joined ASML April 1991 as Product Line Manager of the PAS 2500/5000 platform. After positions in Marketing, Program- and Account Support Management, he was appointed to Vice President Product Marketing in April 1998 and later to Senior Vice President overseeing ASML’s different product lines.

In 2004, he was appointed to Senior Vice President Strategic Business Development and Business Unit Manager Incubator Products.

Prior to joining ASML, Paul van Attekum worked for Philips, first in the Philips Research Laboratories and later in project- and manufacturing/development management and marketing within the Semiconductor Division.

Van Attekum received a MSc and PhD in Physics / Chemistry from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. After receiving his PhD, he worked as a Fullbright Hays Post Doc at Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill.

Nard Sintenie

Mr. Nard Sintenie fulfilled several executive management positions at Philips, NXP and other (international) co-operations in the Netherlands, USA and Asia. In these roles, common themes were turn-around and fast growth in developing markets. Nard has been frequently involved in Merger and Acquisition activities in 2008, Nard has taken his M&A and industry experience to the world of hightech start-ups.

He acted both as CEO for several companies, leading them through strategic change, as well as investor in promising high-tech companies in need of funding and industry advise. Nard holds a board position at several high-tech companies.


Twente Technology Fund

The Twente Technology Fund is an independent venture capital fund aiming to capitalize on new technological developments. It provides investment capital to fund high tech entrepreneurial activity in Twente region in general and the University of Twente in particular. The Fund is a specialist fund, targeting companies that are developing commercially promising products and technologies in attractive sectors like Nanotecnology, Clean Technology, ICT and Biomedical Technology.

PPM Oost

PPM Oost is a government owned Venture Capital firm which manages government funded revolving regional funds for specific sectors. PPM Oost’s aim is to use all of its funds as a basis for becoming a solid, long term partner of companies focused on profitability. PPM Oost manages more than 100 mln Euro of invested capital and has a portfolio of more than 100 companies.