Arjen Janssens, CEO

Arjen Janssens is responsible for the overall leadership and strategy of the company. He started his career as strategic consultant at Arthur D. Little, after one year he became shareholder and consultant of Quintel Management Consultancy (spin-out of Arthur D. Little). In 2004 he enrolled into his PhD. at the University of Twente focussing on Piezo materials and pulsed laser deposition. During his PhD. he assisted MESA+ in business development, completed the Executive MBA at TSM business school of technology, and co-founded SolMateS.

Matthijn Dekkers, CTO

Matthijn Dekkers is responsible for the research and development of thin film applications. Matthijn  finished his PhD. in 2007 on transparent oxides deposited with Pulsed Laser Deposition He is the first author of many papers in which pulsed laser deposition plays an important role. As a co-founder of Solmates he is active in the company since 2006.Furthermore, as a part-time research fellow at the University of Twente, he is involved in the research on the integration of piezoelectric thin films into silicon technology.

Kristiaan Böhm, COO

Kristiaan Böhm is responsible for the development, production and service of the PiezoFlare systems.
Before he joined SolMateS he worked for ASM Europe in various positions within the service department.
At ASM Europe he was responsible for the installation and qualification of ASM Europe systems worldwide. In these positions he has worked (on-site) with most major Semiconductor manufacturers worldwide. Kristiaan holds an MSc. in applied physics.



10-11-2014 SolMateS enables full transparent OLEDs with its patented ITO on OLED deposition process
16-10-2014 Professors Dave Blank and Guus Rijnders, co-founders of SolMateS, win prestigious FOM Valo...
02-06-2014 Prototype of new transistor for lower power consumption
03-04-2014 Analysis of thin-film PZT/LNO stacks on an encapsulated TiN electrode
04-11-2013 SolMateS PZT to be used in new band-pass concept