Young Technology Award 2010
On 2 December 2010, SolMateS won the Young Technology Award 2010. The award is an incentive for young, promising and innovative companies from the eastern Netherlands. Jury President Carry Abbenhues (Overijssel province delegate) named SolMateS a Dutch mini ASML in Twente, with the potential to become the next ASML. Arjen Janssens received the € 5,000 prize from Kennispark and Innovatieplatform Twente, a Dutch public-scientific initiative to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. SolMateS also won the € 1,000 public prize.

Rising Star 2010 Nomination
On 23 September 2010, Deloitte announced the 12 nominees for 'Rising Star 2010' at the Deloitte Technology Fast50 Event on 7 October. SolMateS was nominated for the first time. The Rising Star Award is part of Technology Fast50 and especially created for high-potential companies that have been in business for less than five years. The nominees were assessed on their business plans and the way in which their CEOs were able to get across the company's unique selling proposition clearly and understandably. The Rising Star nomination is one step away from qualifying as a Technology Fast50 company.

STW Grant 2010
In the summer of 2010, SolMateS won a € 200,000 STW Grant. This Dutch research foundation finances applied research. One of its goals is to bridge the gap between laboratory and market. The grant was used to simulate critical parts of the TelaFlare 1200 tool. The TelaFlare 1200 is a deposition platform based on laser deposition which is academically used in the groups of Prof. Blank and Prof. Rijnders at the University of Twente. In their research groups next-generation materials are used to improve electronic, solar and biomedical devices or even create new functional devices. Over the last year, one of their core themes has been the research on piezoelectric thin films. Prof. Rijnders is considered one of the experts in his field


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