Solmates is let by an experienced Management Team, consisting of four members, whose commitment over the past years has resulted in establishing  a solid company with exceptional growth and success.

Our board has 4 members, who all recognize that the long-term interests of the company and oversee our Management Team.


03-04-2014 Analysis of thin-film PZT/LNO stacks on an encapsulated TiN electrode
04-11-2013 SolMateS PZT to be used in new band-pass concept
04-11-2013 Arjen Janssens gives an interview in the October issue of MEMS Trends
24-10-2013 Arjen Janssens, CEO at SolMateS, gives presentation at BIT's 1st Frontier Industrial Forum...
05-09-2013 Looming IC Industry Changes Mean Proliferation of New Materials Needs


07-05-2014 High-Tech Systems 2014