Deposition technology for the next generation materials

Pulsed laser deposition is a very versatile deposition technology with great advantages. Already since 1965 this technology is used in many labs to research new material compounds for future applications.  Numerous articles and dissertations are based on Pulsed Laser Deposition of all kind of materials, but all on samples of 10x10 mm2.

In all that research lays great solutions for current sociological and technological challenges, like:
Energy ( Fuel cells, harvestors, batteries, OLEDS, solar cells,…)
Safety ( MEMS sensors, Gas detectors, Data storage…. )
Health ( Micropumps, Ultrasound heads,….)

SolMateS’ mission is to disclose these unique solutions of Pulsed Laser Deposition by supplying high quality reliable and cost effective R&D and production level Pulsed Laser Deposition tools.




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      10-11-2014 SolMateS enables full transparent OLEDs with its patented ITO on OLED deposition process
      16-10-2014 Professors Dave Blank and Guus Rijnders, co-founders of SolMateS, win prestigious FOM Valo...
      02-06-2014 Prototype of new transistor for lower power consumption
      03-04-2014 Analysis of thin-film PZT/LNO stacks on an encapsulated TiN electrode
      04-11-2013 SolMateS PZT to be used in new band-pass concept