About SolMateS

SolMateS is a global supplier of industrial deposition equipment based on laser deposition. It is a revolutionary deposition technology which has been under development since 2007. This resulted in the PiezoFlare 1200 a system with which a new class of materials can be deposited such as the piezoelectric material Pb (zr,Ti) O3, Ionic conductors, Magnetic materials  or Transparent Conductive Oxides.

SolMateS’ research department has created unique intellectual property in the field of pulsed laser deposition and  has built high expertise on piezo thin layers, its processing and its applications.

SolMateS is headquarted in Enschede, The Netherlands. Situated in the High Tech Factory.

In spring 2011 SolMateS acquired a substantial investment of two venture capital companies, Twente Technology Fund and PPMoost NV to further facilitate its growth.
The company has a strong external focus, it works closely together with our clients, research institutes and suppliers worldwide.





10-11-2014 SolMateS enables full transparent OLEDs with its patented ITO on OLED deposition process
16-10-2014 Professors Dave Blank and Guus Rijnders, co-founders of SolMateS, win prestigious FOM Valo...
02-06-2014 Prototype of new transistor for lower power consumption
03-04-2014 Analysis of thin-film PZT/LNO stacks on an encapsulated TiN electrode
04-11-2013 SolMateS PZT to be used in new band-pass concept